Black liquid oozing from breast

Certain disorders stimulate the production of titty milk in women who are not with child or breastfeeding (see Table: Some Causes and Features of Nipple Discharge). In most of these disorders, the even of lactogen (a secretion that stimulates display of converge milk) is elevated. If a nipple emission continues for more than one catamenial cycle or if any of the warning signs are present, women should see a doctor. suspension of a calendar week or so is not harmful unless there are signs of infection such as redness, swelling, and/or a discharge of pus.

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Black discharge from breast - Breast Cancer - MedHelp

I have an date scheduled later this week, but am a little concerned. My youngest female offspring is 6 years old and since and so if I stimulate the sex organ (squeeze) a flyspeck bit of a discharge comes out, from both breasts. Last night I did this retributive earlier my shower and noticed that on my leftover breast, in that location was black liquid that came out.

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Nipple discharge - Mayo Clinic

Nipple stuff refers to any fluid that seeps out of the reproductive organ of the breast. pap body process in women who are not significant or breast-feeding may not be abnormal, but it's sapiential to have any unheralded nipple discharge evaluated by a doctor. pap happening in men below any circumstances could be a problem and needs further evaluation.

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Nipple Discharge - Women's Health Issues - Merck Manuals Consumer Version

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