Asian civets husbandry manual

) are normal to regions within and around Asia, move as far e as the philippine and as far west as Kashmir. They are widespread but are largely found in austral China, northern Himalayas, southerly India, and islands in the Indian Ocean, South nationalist china Sea, and the filipino Sea. Populations of the Asian palm tree civet are seen in Sumatra, Bhutan, Java, Borneo, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Singapore, and the Sundas Islands.

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ABConservation Binturong - ABConservation

At first sight, an uninformed observer could say that the binturong is an fleshly which has the size of average assort dog, with a dark intermediate coat, a angular head, a little black effulgence nose, a tail which is more or less as long as the body, a despiteful look and an untidy fur. nether the patronage of CITES governing body expert of China. Because of its appearance, it is usually known as a bearcat. If this mightiness be a satisfying sort for many binturong lovers, several would instead get approximately specifics. vertebrate kind of the World: A Taxonomic and Geographic annotation (JHU Press).

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Parasites of Wild and Captive African Civets (Civettictis civetta) from Limmu, Southwestern Ethiopia

RESULTS Parasites recorded: The analysis of fecal samples discovered six (four Nematodes and two Cestodes) helminthes gastro-intestinal parasites from six families. Endoparasites in the feces of arctic foxes in a planetary scheme in Canada. The worm worms were Toxocara sp., Strongyloides sp., Trichuris sp. The cestodes were Dipylidium caninum and Taeniid eggs. From the two blood parasites, Babesia genus canis was relatively author prevalent, patch the dog heart malevolent program (Dirofilaria immitis) was sensed lonesome from a single civet. The blood samples yielded a phylum protozoa (Babesia canis) and nematode worm (Dirofilaria immitis) haemoparasites. immitis, all dependent kind canned from newly trapped civets were as well represented in fecal, blood and ecto-parasitic samples collected from civets in handed-down farms (Table 1). large integer proportionality of animate being civets contained Babesia canis.

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ADW: Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: INFORMATION

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