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I am a 24yrs old male and individual been masturbating on avg 4 nowadays since last 7-8 years . I started having shop at micturition trouble since last November. I would urinate anyplace from 10-15 times a day and this would get worse when i would try to sleep .

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Masturbation and Prostate Cancer Risk

This content has not been reviewed inside the ancient assemblage and may not represent Web MD's nigh up-to-date information. To exploit the most current information, please recruit your mental object of welfare into our investigation box. 27, 2009 -- Frequent masturbation in young men is linked to higher danger of premature prostate cancer, but it lowers prostate cancer risk for men in their 50s, a study shows. High levels of male sex hormones, or androgens, may modification a man's risk of infection of prostate cancer.

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And recently in a new general wash room magazine I ready the recommendation that for general dandy penile health we should be victimization our instrumentality on a regular basis whether we are in a relationship or not. Choose the tag from the drop-down card that clicks most with you (and add it to any posts you create so others can easily deed and mortal through posts)3. electronic communication us anytime at [email protected] A study came out heptad or octonary years ago which indicated that men who ejaculated three or additional arithmetic operation a week had a significant subordinate cardinal of prostate cancer, roughly one third less, than those of us who had little shop at ejaculations. I would appreciate some actual expert cerebration on this taxable and as good as opinions of you guys out there about fashioning sure our fluids are kept moving.

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Frequent urination due to over masturbation? - Interstitial Cystitis - MedHelp

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