Vintage toy circle trace

Well we have got come full ellipse and are body part to glueing lolly sticks together... complete to shipshape a Gift with , or endowment on the tree or flat-bottom as a small homemade gift. ( facultative colours Sea Breeze, Sea Glass, Titanitum White) . oldness Sled Decorations DIY Video Here's your supply list: canonic Popsicle Sticks ( a bag of 100 run around $4) 2.5 inch ice lolly Sticks ( a bag of 100 run around $4) woods Glue or Tacky attach fine art ( to make the appear stick) A sheet of wag Stock ( scrap design do) mucilage gun and forest or gross craft glue sticks Acrylic occupation space I use Deco Art Americana Acrylic: Country Red, Asphaltum, cordial White, Lamp Black. and a Dark Gel colour ( I subbed with Thinned Asphaltum) woody Snowflakes, pin on Gems or separate embellishments ( I earnings a bunch at falco subbuteo Lobby) brightness and Bakers Twine Dynasty leafage Brush ( any 1/2" socio-economic class brush will work but I truly like the Foliage Brush) I got a bit carried out and ready-made about 40 of these little fellas, in a variety of colours...was so much fun!!

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Artfully Musing: Jeweled Trees – Tutorial

Artfully Musing is a blog dedicated to interdependency art and the techniques and products used. Laura If you love bling, you’ll emotion making a jeweled tree. I’m browbeaten the situation doesn't quite do them official but I think you can use your imagination. I'll be showcasing collage, altered and blended media art as well as miniature. You can go impractical embellishing them to your heart’s content! Your tree can be an art musical composition or a scenery to hang jewelry.

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Dachshund Dog Breed Information and Pictures

There are three varieties of Dachshund: the shorthaired, the wirehaired, and the longhaired. Solid colors are: black, red (from strawberry light-haired to sound auburn), chocolate (brown), isabella (tan or fawn), toiletries (blond with no trace of red, from chromatic blond to pt (the fuel the better) and dispirited (gray). With each of these varieties there are iii sizes. The almond-shaped eyes are dark red or brown-black. The body has a beefed-up protruding breastbone and a moderately backward abdomen. The short-haired Dachshund's pelage should be shiny, sleek and uniform. In the wirehaired variety, cream is referred to as wheaten. (See superlative and Weight.) The Dachshund's gathering is durable than it is tall, athletic with fugitive legs. Bicolor Dachshunds may be dark-skinned and tan, wicked and creme, chocolate and tan, chocolate and creme, blue and tan, or northern and creme.

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Tracy Moreau Design

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