Medical terms in latin

An abscess of poky formation, unsupervised with the pain and estrus quality of ordinary abscesses, and unceasing for years without exhibiting any tendency towards healing; a chronic abscess. [Heritage]A meandering symptom which, originating from carious vertebra, has followed the class of the psoas muscles and points in the groin or at the sacroischiadic foramen. A disease caused by partial or sum nonaccomplishment of ductless gland function, which is characterised by a bronze like pigmentation of the skin and mucous membranes, anemia, weakness, and low blood pressure. Thus, by adding a descriptive epithet to the term affection, almost distempers may be expressed. Of, relating to, or living thing a light spongelike bone placed between the orbits, forming part of the walls and septum of the blue-ribbon nasal cavity, and containing many perforations for the passage of the fibers of the olfactive nerves. [Medicinenet]Any existing status of the whole body, or portion of it: as hysterics, leprosy, and so forth now and again the term is applied besides to abscess of the striated muscle muscle (more by rights called psoitis). An abnormal condition of attenuated alkalinity of the blood and tissues that is marked by sickly sweet breath, headache, symptom and vomiting, and ocular disturbances and is ordinarily a result of excessive venomous production. A unhealthy premiss deed a peculiar brownish discoloration of the skin, and thought, at one time, to be due to illness of the suprarenal capsules (two flat triangular bodies covering the upper part of the kidneys), but now known not to be dependent upon this causes exclusively. And thus we say symptom affection, connective tissue affection, etc., using the word affection synonymously with disease.

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List of Common Medical Abbreviations, Acronyms & Definitions

Have you ever so wondered why you can't read the doctor's note or the letters and book on a prescription? Health care professionals often quickly handwriting notes with chief medical information that they would wish a persevering to indicator in regard to the type of current, or of late diagnosed disease, syndrome, or other health condition(s). wealthy person you ever see the doctor's notes in your medical record and found peculiar abbreviations and jargon?

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Archaic Medical Terms English List A

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