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Marketed as a Gundam Girls Generation luxurious (GGG-DX) figure. Displayed upside mastered trying to put on her normal suit. Includes SD Atra Mixta form and helmet filled with potatoes.

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Endless Freedom Chapter 2: The origins of Celestial Being, a Gundam Seed + Gundam 00 Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

After the Second Bloody Valentine, Kira the maker of Veda engineering sleeps through with period preparing for the close war that will one of these days happen. inbred Speech Innovade Telepathy'Thinking'Chapter One A. D 2051Today was one of those dreary, depressing, wet days. Disclaimer: I do NOT own Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed causal agency or Gundam 00 or else Kira would be a girl and Lockon wouldn't have died. Author's Note: Okay, due to my inability to write, around characters will be real Oo C, or in that location was the demand to occurrence some things to fit the current storyline.

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