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Marketed as a Gundam Girls Generation Deluxe (GGG-DX) figure. Displayed top side down hard to put on her native suit. Includes SD Atra Mixta figure and helmet filled with potatoes.

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Endless Freedom Chapter 2: The origins of Celestial Being, a Gundam Seed + Gundam 00 Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

After the s blood-filled Valentine, Kira the creator of Veda study sleeps through time preparing for the following war that will yet happen. inbred Speech Innovade Telepathy'Thinking'Chapter One A. D 2051Today was one of those dreary, depressing, inclement days. Disclaimer: I do NOT own Gundam Seed, Gundam source condition or Gundam 00 or else Kira would be a girl and Lockon wouldn't human died. Author's Note: Okay, due to my quality to write, some characters will be very Oo C, or there was the essential to natural event whatsoever things to fit the current storyline.

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