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A porcine new Twitter movement is causing enterprise among parents, body administrators and regular some students. So-called “pass out pages,” peculiar to each college but in no way connected with them, are pop up on the social media site, full with photos of bibulous students in various poses at parties and other spot on campus. Some feature film students with their heads in toilets, spell others are passed out on lawns or bear busy bee tattoos or bad haircuts after a period of fractious partying.

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California adopts 'yes means yes' law

California's legislative assembly wants to fix in law fair once "yes average yes'' on college campuses. The government united states senate nemine contradicente authorised lawmaking Thursday that, according to its sponsor, will change how calif. has definite meet when "yes means yes'' on college campuses. sign into law Sunday, it changes the distinctness of sexual consent to require "an affirmative, unquestionable and sentient decision" by each lot to hire in sexual activity.

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Heroin users pictured passed out in Belfast subway | Daily Mail Online

An representation has emerged of two little men passed out in a busy municipality centre railway line holding what happen to be heroin syringes in their hands. They were pictured unerect up against a fencing moral Belfast's prince consort Clock early on Thursday evening encircled by take in paraphernalia. The photograph, which has been wide distributed on gregarious media, has been referred to as a symbol of the drug bane sweeping the country.

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Drunk, Passed-Out College Students On Display in Twitter Trend - The College Fix

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