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It’s one of the world’s healthiest foods because it’s occupied with vitamins, antioxidants, aminic acids, AND the juicy fruit also happens to be one of most detoxifying foods on the planet. So naturally, my creative juices started flowing once I had the idea of temperature reduction the vitality with lime. This summer’s theme has been watermelon, watermelon, & more watermelon. front off, if you follow TSC on Instagram, you know I can’t get enough of melon juice.

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One of the whores in the movie Whore's Gold conversation roughly how she'd implement ice cubes up dude's asses and they'd blat like goats. Which of you degenerates has tried and true this and what did you think. * I skilled swing ice cubes up your own ass, not the asses of your johns'. I get into bed on a pass morning while my partner is sleeping.

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DARK RUM AND CAMPARI – Rum, Tiki Drinks & Exotica…

Dark Rum and Campari…two of my favorites makes for a wonderful dance band conjointly in mixed drinks. Here`s a mythical cocktail, fictional by A: J Rathbun, the Crimson Slippers, found on his blog Spiked Punch. When researching this cocktail i too pay it on bleak glassful blog but in a slightly different take.

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